What is VocalSlides?

VocalSlides and VocalSlides II

They are two applications developed before VocalTiles and allow creating image libraries with associated voice messages to create a game with your child.

VocalSlides II

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This application is the Remake of VocalSlides.
The original design has been optimized to be compatible with Android versions above 1.6 such as 4.0.3.
In addition, some features have been improved.
His release introduces the ability to import and export projects. This is to facilitate the backup and sharing these among users.
In addition, we have added the ability to use Text To Speech.
VocalSlides II is an application that’ll make you able to create image libraries:
every picture can be related to a vocal message and visualized sequentially with all other images.
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VocalSlides was born from an idea of a daddy whose son’s affected by autism.
This app won’t help you curing autism, but thanks to VocalSlides you’ll be able to communicate and play with your son/daughter.
Why VocalSlides works so good:
  • the child’s naturally attracted by the “strange toy” used every day by his daddy, and when dad speaks at the phone the child realizes that something’s happening;
  • dad’s a model for the child, a strong referrer in his little world; having an app like VocalSlides on daddy’s “strange toy” will urge the kid to play with his dad;
  • VocalSlides’ purpose is to be an instrument that allows the child to relate some images of ordinary objects with sounds or vocal messages.
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You can use it as you like and we hope you find it useful.
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Get it on Google Play
The first version of VocalSlides distributed free.
Although it does not have the same characteristics of sharing the new version, VocalSlides is still appreciated for the purpose for which it was born.
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