Wath is VocalTiles?

Wath is VocalTiles?

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VocalTiles is a collection of Android applications that allows, through the adoption of images used in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and P. E. C. S. (Picture Exchange Communication System) to create sessions of exercise of discrimination, association and storage for your son or cards to be able to consult in order to be able to compose sentences or to get them to understand their intentions or state of mind.
The project is compatible with the version 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich of Android or higher.
Applications are developed on ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101.
VocalTiles was born mainly with the purpose of being able to create the game between parents and children in a more immediate and at your fingertips through the use of a tablet, but thanks to its characteristics of programmability and sharing, can be seen as a teaching tool for those who work in the field of autism as tutor or teacher.
ic_launcher_red VocalTiles Projects
Allows the tutor to develop projects which then can be interpreted through VocalTiles Interpreter. Each project is composed of multiple pages, where each can represent a exercise session or more generally a grid of images that are useful for the communication of the child.
ic_launcher_blue VocalTiles Interpreter
It is the interpreter of the projects carried out with VocalTiles Projects. Allows grouping projects is to run them to be used with the child. In addition, through preferences, you can better adapt the standard behavior of the execution of the exercises on the basis of the degree of learning and the level of autism.
The use of VocalTiles envisages the involvement of someone who is able to follow the child and build cards suitable for him on the basis of their capacity for learning and level of autism. Applications that are part of the project VocalTiles each have a different function, even if strictly connected between them.

Why VocalTiles does not include its own set of pictograms?

VocalTiles does not include a complete set of images P. E. C. S. but allows them to build through the use of the camera of Android. However, it is possible to insert in VocalTiles also their own pictures that the child is already accustomed to recognize. The latter option is highly recommended in the case where you already have its own set of P. E. C. S. in electronic form.

Why there is no version for iPad project?

There is not yet a version for iPad, but the project was born deliberately on Android for the simple fact that the distribution of the latter is made by several manufacturers of tablet, where the high competition means that over time there is a reduction of costs on hardware thus allowing VocalTiles can be accessible to anyone who may need.

What are the main characteristics of VocalTiles?

The main characteristics of VocalTiles are:
  • Creating images P. E. C. S. through the use of the camera;
  • Match to the image its own recorded voice message (it is highly recommended the use of a microphone) or a message fruit of speech synthesis;
  • Creating cards for association, discrimination and memorization;
  • Creation of projects P. E. C. S. with the possibility to compose sentences using a communicative strip;
  • To allow jumping in different pages of the same project or jumps on other projects.
In addition, to highlight:

It is possible to construct their own cards to exercise by having a park of variables called Skill which have the power to vary the behavior of the same card to suit your needs.
Use is not too complicated to part of the brace

While being programmable, VocalTiles was studied to obtain results simple.
The game that comes from the production of each card is composed of one or more of these elements:
  1. Observation
  2. Association
  3. Discrimination
  4. Memorizzation
  5. Choice
  6. Action
Possibility to share with others their own cards
An important feature is not to be underestimated is the possibility of being able to make a backup of their own cards and share them with others that use VocalTiles.
In such a way as to be able to share commonly their teaching experience.

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