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General articles on VocalTiles.project.

VocalTiles has finally been released on GooglePlay.
Its development has been possible thanks to the contribution and support of a parent whose child is autistic and a study of psycho-pedagogical of Catania, Italy. 

It was possible to achieve this by applying instructions and suggestions made during both the initial phase of development.

Get it on Google Play Get it on Google Play

The project is in an advanced stage and offers primarily a compatibility with devices with different resolutions of the touch screen. In fact you can run VocalTiles on screens from 5, 7 or 10.1 inches.
The project is divided into two parts:

An application dedicated to the composition of projects and another for the execution of the same.
Both applications are compatible with Android 4.1 and higher.

Each project consists of pages and each page is divided by a grid in which the pieces are arranged.

A gusset is created on the grid by dragging images from multiple sources and can be of type gif, png, jpg, or svg vector type.
A questo puà essere associato dell’audio.

By the parent (or guardian) will be able to combine the pieces of a page graphics so you can be orchestrated from the functional logic.

In fact, every page provides that the behavior of their tiles is programmable according to precise criteria and will thus be possible to create contexts of association, discrimination and memorization with more or less action.

In addition to the ability to create notebooks to use in the field of P.E.C.S.

I hope that this app will be of assistance.

Giuseppe Palmeri